learning to love Palermo


Our rooms on the first floor, with spacious common areas and a lovely terrace

Alivi nivuri (black olives)

Modern single room with a mezzanine and a sofa-bed

Aranci Russi (red oranges)

The double room with balcony and private bathroom

Limiuna virdi (green lemons)

Refined double room with a balcony

Common areas

The entrance hall, the elegant dining room and the quiet terrace will let you have an unforgettable and comfortable staying


Il Lapino is not just a guesthouse, but a dynamic and welcoming place, ready to meet the needs of guests and travelers. If you’re searching for a ride to the airport, if you want to buy typical products, or if you need a help for managing your tour, please don’t hesitate to ask us what we can do for you ...

About il lapino, Palermo and Sicily

Who we are

"Chi siete? Da dove venite? Cosa Portate? Dove andate? UN TARÌ!"
Lapino: three-wheeler or bunny?

“Il Lapino” is a guesthouse with an undefined etymology but with a precise vocation.

“Lapino” is the term of endearment for those little three-wheeler vehicles you’ll see through Palermo streets... but it’s also the word that every Italian-speaking lover of a bunny knows (even if it comes from the French lapìn).

“Il Lapino rooms" aims to honour these two wonderful creatures: the first one because it’s an important instrument of daily life in Palermo and the second one because it’s an example of tenderness that sounds like the welcome that “Il Lapino” aims to reserve to humans and other friends...

Where we are

Our house is on the first floor of a building of the early 1900, inside the city center but outside from the controlled traffic zone. We are closed by the Capo market, so you can get to us by car, train (Lolli station) and bus (Politeama and Indipendenza). Then you will be able to walk in less than 5 minutes to Massimo Theatre, via Maqueda, Politeama Theatre, via Libertà, the Cathedral, corso Vittorio Emanuele, Zisa Castle…

Il lapino is pet-friendly